Welcome to Madison Table Works!

Madison Table Works
We are a team of craftspeople dedicated to creating a truly personal table for each of our clients. Each table is made with custom handcrafted artistry and quality to meet your own unique requirements, while at the same time reflecting your own personal style and accentuating the beauty of your home.
Madison Table Works

We accomplish this by making each table from scratch, one at a time, using only the most beautiful and unique lumber that we ourselves have hand-selected.

We create tables to be the centerpiece of the room. They are tables that people remember.

We have no standard size or style. Each table is designed to fit the intended space in a way that enhances the feel and appearance of the entire room.

Our craftspeople make each table with the care and attention deserving of a true work of art. The creativity and imagination built into each table provides a high-quality investment that can be enjoyed daily.

The Madison Table Works Story

Madison Table Works was founded in 2002 in the picturesque town of Madison, Indiana, on the banks of the Ohio River. Madison is designated as a National Historic Landmark, and has 133 city blocks on the National Register, making it one of the largest historic districts in the country. The building where Madison Table Works is located was built in the late 1800's and was once the Richert & Sons Wagon & Carriage Company. In the picture below (taken in 1919), it is the large building on the right.

The Richert Wagon Factory in 1919

A Richert carriage, wagon, and chassis can be seen on the sidewalk in front of the store. One can only imagine what the carriage makers inside were thinking as they peered out the window at the row of motorcars parked down the middle of the street!
We at Madison Table Works are inspired by the master craftsmen that have been at this very location for the past century, and hope sincerely that they would be proud of the tables we create here.

We would love to have you come and visit us!

Contact us by E-mail at robert@madisontableworks.com or call us at (812) 273-5050 so we can get started designing your own personal table!