The Rough-Sawn Collection

Close-up Of Rough-Sawn Marks

This is our special re-creation of a rustic antique table using three beautiful wide solid cherry boards for the top. We are able to find cherry boards 13 - 15 inches wide (and some even wider) to create a table that can be 45+ inches wide with just three boards. For tables wider than 45 inches, we simply add another board (or two). The length is up to you.

Cherry Rough-Sawn Table

Rather than plane out the saw blade marks from the lumber mill, we hand-sand the top to smooth out the surface while leaving the texture of the rough sawn boards. The three boards are positioned so that the arc of the blade marks alternate to create a graceful wave pattern across the top of the table. The width of the boards allows the full effect of the bold cherry grain to show through.

We bathe the boards in a special solution that accelerates the aging of the wood. Most woods, especially cherry, will become a richer, deeper color naturally over time, but our process allows us to give the table that aged patina without the wait.

A very practical finish is used to complete the table - a tung oil base with urethane added. The tung oil is an old-fashioned finish that brings out the depth and richness of the grain. The added urethane makes it a permanent finish that is water resistant. You can leave a wet glass on the table overnight and it won't leave a ring, and you can clean the table with just a damp cloth. Polishing is okay, but not necessary. This is an easily maintained table. The rough look of it allows hard, heavy use by active families without destroying the appearance of the table.

Cherry Top With Walnut Base

Three Plank Trestle Table

Trestle & Bench Detail Trestle & Bench Detail

The rustic character of the table is enhanced by a simple leg design or trestle base, although we are able to incorporate your own design options into any style. The most popular version is the 3-plank cherry top with simple rustic legs and aprons for the base made of matching cherry or walnut for a two-tone look. Our all-cherry trestle style is reminiscent of the classic Harvest table and works particularly well with our matching cherry plank bench.

Trestle & Bench Detail Trestle & Bench Detail

Our Rough-Sawn version of the extension table has the leaves added to the ends of the table rather than slicing the table in half and adding leaves in the middle. This allows the boards to run lengthwise down the main table instead of turning them sideways. The extension leaves can be used with either the leg or trestle style.

Rough-Sawn Extension Table Rough-Sawn Extension Table
Rough-Sawn Extension Table Rough-Sawn Extension Table

Keep in mind that every table is designed and made from scratch, so we can incorporate any size or shape, as well as any type wood, into this particular look. We are able to find cherry and especially oak boards wide enough for a 3-plank top, but other species of wood will work using an extra board or two.

Rough Sawn Ambrosia Maple Top

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