Our Unique Design Standards

Wood Banding
There are important design characteristics that make our tables unique, and that other mass production manufacturers would find too costly or time consuming to reproduce:
Square Table & Chair
  • We spend the necessary time searching through stacks of lumber to find the most interesting boards available.
  • Our standard board widths are 6” to 10” which we run lengthwise rather than sideways to dramatize the full effect of the grain and character of those unique boards.

  • We use a natural unstained finish that accentuates the nuances of colors and grains in the wood rather than hide them. This does require extra work to match the color and grain quality of the boards rather than staining them all to look the same and covering their best attributes. If altering the natural color is desired, we use a tinting process rather than staining in order to retain the dramatic character of the grain.
Wood Grain of Tabletop

Rough Sawn Trestle Table
The result is a totally unique and creative look with an almost unlimited number of possibilities. That’s how we can truthfully claim that no two Madison Table Works tables ever look alike.

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